Narcotics Cases

Probably the largest percentage of our cases involve Narcotics offenses. The defense of Narcotics cases requires an experienced lawyer. Law enforcement is increasingly becoming more sophisticated in their investigation and prosecution of these cases. Electronic surveillance, G.P.S. tracking, increased use of confidential informants are but a few of the many tools in the police arsenal.  Furthermore, Narcotics officers whether they are employed by the State, County or the FBI or DEA, are specialists and expert in their field.  Most are exclusively involved in the arrest and prosecution of Narcotics cases.  They know how to testify and it takes an experienced lawyer to confront these officers in court. Furthermore, the penalties in Narcotics cases are harsh. Certain Federal Narcotics cases even carry life sentences. The penalties are so harsh that even the Attorney General of the United States has recently suggested that Federal Prosecutors not seek mandatory sentences for certain Drug Offenses.  If you are charged with a Narcotics offense you truly owe it to yourself to retain the best lawyer you can afford to represent you.  We have nearly forty years of experience in defending Narcotics cases.  We utilize our own scientific and expert witnesses when necessary.  We know how to cross-examine Narcotics cops in court. We test the claims that the police make regarding surveillance by doing our own investigation of the scene.  We also conduct our own investigation of potential witnesses to combat claims that our client was doing street sales at a particular location.  We construct re-enactments when necessary to prove that an officer could not possibly have seen what he claims to have seen.  In short we do everything possible to win. 

If you are charged with a Narcotics offense, contact the Law Offices of Perry de Marco, Sr. Please keep in mind that we do not charge for the initial consultation.